Take an Umbria vacation in Italy and enjoy the experience of something that is thought to be lost today.

Tourists coming back from Umbria in Central Italy always speak of a notoriously green valley, pleasant and quiet countryside, and a rich and enthralling natural scenic beauty. Did it still exist? Such panorama only existed in the middle ages where smog, industrialization and overpopulation don’t exist.

So how do we credit these ranting of the tourists that have gone on an Umbria Vacation in Italy? Join me as we delve deeper on what these tourist talk about. Let’s take an Umbria Vacation in Italy ourselves and check out this place they call the “green heart of Italy”.

The best source for the tourist parlance for Umbria as ‘il cuor verde d’Italia’ could be attributed from a poem by Giosuè Carducci whose subject was a specific place that is within, not Umbria as a whole. Still, the flag stuck and now it is openly referred as ‘the green heart of Italy’ (English counterpart).

And a green heart it definitely is. Idyllic farmlands and rustic woodlands would really convince you that this is a rip-off from a medieval film studio in Hollywood. The countryside setting will cause you to wonder if in any event Charlemagne and his knights will come rushing by. Crimson poppies and golden sunflowers will greet your eyes as you take a hike on the countryside. Likewise the gray-green of the olive trees, and the deep green of the cypress trees and the deeper green of pine forests embracing mountain slopes will make you convinced of Robin Hood and the Merry men.

Towns and villages offer as much as the countryside and it faithfully honors the tradition. Off the beaten track terra cotta lodgings and structures seemed never out of place in the countryside setting, even those cobblestone alleys. Renaissance inspired Gothic and Romanesque style buildings dot the town of Spoleto, Ovieto, Todi, Trevi, Deuta, Gubbio, Torgiano, Montefalco, and Amelia. Remember, this is where St. Francis of Assisi is cherishingly remembered, and at best Saint Francis is known to be the most gentle and nature-loving saint. That’s why followers of the saint meticulously preserve the Assisi.

There’s no treasure to dig in Umbria, no hapless prisoners to rescue. It doesn’t even contain the best spectacle of Earth’s natural wonders. What it offers is a secluded paradise that is lost in this world. It is captivating in its own way, its natural beauty isn’t even to be viewed but felt. Just wander across its idyllic towns and plains. Take an Umbria vacation in Italy just to enjoy the experience of something that is thought to be lost today.

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