Air travel to Italy had to be the best way to get there – quick and easy. (That is, if you are no coming from Europe.) The first thing that the travel needs to know is where to land. You wouldn’t want to end up in the wrong destination right? It is therefore convenient to check the ports that are nearest your travel destination. Unfortunately, choices that could be made for air travel to Italy could be limited. Choosing the best pit stop could cost you yet you always have to weigh the benefits.

When you decide to have air travel to Italy, you might find out that airlines for tourists usually land at Italy’s main airports in Rome and in Milan. Other common ports for air travel to Italy are those located in Bologna (especially if you’re from the US). Most travelers take these routes because the vast number of passengers bound for these destinations are also guaranteed less expensive airfares.

The two main airports in Rome are in the Fiumicino (FCO) and the Ciampino (CIA) airports. The main airports in Milan on the other hand are the Linate (LIN) and the Malpensa (MXP) ports. Other airports for famous tourist city destinations are BLG –Bologna, FLR –Florence, NAP –Naples, TRN –Turin, VCE –Venice, GOA –Genoa, PSA –Pisa, PMO –Palermo, CTA –Catania, CAG –Cagliari, AHO –Alghero, AOI –Ancona, BRI –Bari, BGY – Bergamo, BDS –Brindisi, SUF –Lamezia Terme, PEG –Perugia, PSR –Pescara, REG –Reggio Calabria, TRS –Trieste, and VRN –Verona.

Here is how you could go to some of these airports through these connections as you air travel to Italy:

To go around Rome FCO Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport, take the night bus operated by the CO.TRAIL at Rome Termini Railway and Rome Tiburtina Station. If you want to go there by train, you could take the special ‘Leonardo Express’ or the FMI metropolitan, Tiburtina Station operating form 06:37 am-11:37pm.

To go around Milan MXP Malpensa Airport, take the Malpensa shuttle bus service. This also goes to Turin, Genoa, Como, Lugano and Linate Airport. There is also a railway connection between Terminal1 and Milan Cadorna Station operated by Malpensa Express.

To go around Venice VCE Marco Polo Airport, take the ACTV city bus No. 5 available from 06:35 onwards and on Sundays and public holidays every hour from 07:05-20:05. There’s also a City bus No. 15 to Mestre Railway Station and Air Service to Padua and Vicenza. Or, take the water bus Alilaguna to St. Mark’s stopping briefly at Murano and Lido (the local beach resort) before reaching Venice just before midnight.

You can always take a taxi. Beware, though, of (water) taxi drivers touting for business inside the airport hall, sometimes they can charge you astronomical prices especially if you are foreigner.

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